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     The race promoter is in the entertainment business. He employs race car drivers and others to entertain his paying customers, the spectators. To be successful the promoter must present a 'show' that adequately satisfies the needs of all the spectators and contributes to the overall well being of the sport and the race track.

     For the show to adequately satisfy all three groups of spectators, as a minimum, it must contain the following elements:

1. Lots of nice looking race cars: the racing equipment should be neat and appear to show pride in workmanship and/or ownership.

2. Lots of fast race cars: the equipment should appear to look and sound capable of being fast.

3. Lots of competition-. the equipment and drivers should appear to be evenly matched.

4. Lots of mishaps: there will and should be spinouts, bumping and accidents.  But, the injury producing type are not necessary and most should be prevented by reasonable safety precautions.

5. Miscellaneous: the show should include various other elements of showmanship such as a good announcer, colorful flag man, appropriate sound effects and intermissions, etc.

     Most promoters attempt to incorporate these elements into their shows. This usually involves employing the performances of at least two different classifications of race cars on each race date. For example, suppose there is a novice class and some type of modifieds performing on a given date. The novice class will probably entertain the 'blood thirsty fans" with their ever present mishaps. The modifieds will, in turn, entertain the 'sport fans'. The combination of the two classes should entertain the "competitor's fans" proportional to the number of their affiliates on the race track.

     By effectively utilizing the above some promoters satisfy all their spectators. The spectators become satisfied customers. It can then be reasoned the show was a success, from which the promoter will benefit.

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