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1824 S. Fiske
Rockledge, FL
fax 631-2611

My track is doing very well this year.  Why should I consider selling?

A prosperous track will command a far better price than one in the doldrums.  If you have ever thought of selling, for any reason, retirement, health or just plain profit, this might be the wisest time to sell.

Do I have to sign an agreement to obtain your services?

Yes. We assume you want the most professional services obtainable and written agreements eliminate future misunderstanding. They also comply with the Statute of Frauds. Our employment contract is a straightforward easily understood document.

What if my track isn't profitable, can you still sell it.

Very likely.  Our methods uncover the potential areas of improvements and present them realistically to a buyer.  It is even possible to sell a track that isn't operating, but if we don't think we can represent you successfully we will tell you so without delay.

Can you sell my "goodwill"?

We certainly can if your business has a "good will" factor. By definition, "good will" is the advantage a business has developed due to intangible values such as patents, trademarks, but most of all the ability to generate income.

What are your fees and how paid?

For selling a track or other property, we are paid a commission by the seller based upon a percentage of the selling price. We take no advance and get paid only if we perform. For appraisals and counseling services we charge a service fee based on time, job size, and manpower required. We will give you a written estimate on these services before you decide whether to employ us.

Will your salesman pester me if I contact you?

Absolutely not!  We are too busy to waste your time or ours. Our main concern is to determine if we can really be of help. Then, it's up to you to decide whether or not to continue.

I don't like to reveal personal business details that might be shown to the wrong people, especially financial statements.

As experienced business brokers we are skilled in qualifying the serious prospects before revealing details to them. Any information given to us is held in strict confidence and handled in the manner most beneficial to you.

I'm a businessman.  What's the bottom line?

You will usually get your track sold faster, with less work, fewer headaches and problems, and get more dollars net for yourself when you use a successful, professional agent.


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