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1824 S. Fiske
Rockledge, FL
fax 631-2611


q Historic Positive Reputation:  Everyone has heard of the track, all positive.

q Location and access:  It is easy to locate.  Vehicular ingress and egress is quick, safe and convenient.  Parking is well organized and free.

q Curb appeal:  The media, customers, race participants and employees all consider it a real showplace.

q Design:  It is easy to maintain, secure and operate.

q It is safe: It is a safe place to work, spectate or participate.

q First point of sale: It is quick and easy for everyone to buy reasonably priced tickets and enter. 

q Restrooms:  There are an adequate number of spotless modern facilities for all.

q Second point of sale: The concession and novelty facilities are well designed, equipped and maintained.  Service and products are excellent.

q Comfort: The lighting is excellent.  Every seat is safe and comfortable, just like all the walkways.  Even the playground equipment is first class.

q Communications:  Everyone on the premises can clearly understand every word said over the public address system and what is said is worth hearing.  State of the art wireless communications also help employees communicate effectively.

q The show itself is entertaining:  It starts on time and ends within three hours. There are plenty of race cars.  They line up, race and leave the track without unnecessary delays. Delays for accidents or track debris are minimal. Everything appears to be perfectly choreographed.

q When the show is over:  Due to highly professional scoring, bookkeeping, and administrative skills, all race participants and employees are promptly paid and ready to leave the premises within thirty minutes following the program's final scheduled event.

q By the way:  There aren't cheaters, because the rules were intelligently promulgated and are easy to enforce.  Everyone knows the firm but fair tech crew would catch them.  Also, no one will start a fight because everyone knows the consequences and how much the last one who did regretted it.

q Finally:  Because everything is just right, the business is enjoyable and very profitable.

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