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There will be over 100 new track operators this year and most of them will ultimately fall. Why? Because most won't know the basic fundamentals of race promoting and will be out of money by the time they learn them the hard way. Are you knowledgeable enough to successfully operate a racetrack? Test yourself and see. Print this page then circle T (true) if you agree with the statement. Circle F (false) if you disagree. Then check your answers to see if they are correct!

1. T F   If you pay a huge purse, you will attract top drivers & insure your success.

2. T F   If you get top drivers to your track, you will attract at least enough fans to be moderately successful and probably will be very successful.

3. T F   If you personally greet drivers at your track and let them know how much you appreciate them they will come back.

4. T F   It you always treat all your drivers fair, then, and only then, they will be loyal to your and your track.

5. T F   It is also important to personally greet spectators and thereby make them feel welcome at your track to make sure they return.

6. T F   The faster and more sophisticated the race cars are, the more appealing they are to your spectators.

7. T F   Short track operators should take a lesson from major league racing like NASCAR, CART, etc. and line up cars "heads up" (fastest up front) for the start.

8. T F   The concessions are where most smart track operators make the most money and therein lies the reason many track operators focus more of their efforts here than anywhere else.

9. T F   It is not nearly as Important for the announcer to be knowledgeable about racing, as it is for him to be "clever, witty, good natured or comical" in efforts to entertain" spectators and/or paying customers.

10. T F   Running a late model, sprint car or modified type class will put more people in the grand stands than running a street stock, bomber or enduro type class.

11. T F   A sharp promoter can get more cars at his track using a telephone and tax machine than he can personally going from one automotive shop to another.

12. T F   One major sponsor is better than ten smaller ones in the same total amount because it does not take as much of the promoter's time.

13. T F   Race tracks can be bought or sold properly with simple, store bought contract forms.

14. T F   The most important common denominator among successful race promoters is that they truly love the sport and were knowledgeable about racing before they became track operators.

15. T F   There would probably be less confusion if drivers voted on the rules and subsequent deletions & additions to them.

16. T F   A successful track owner must be an Independent person by nature, since other track operators are his competitors and can't be expected to be helpful.

17. T F   A track operator should wait until the latest possible minute to cancel an event due to rain (for example) because he has already spent money on advertising (that will be wasted it he doesn't race) and he owes it to the car owners, drivers & spectators that did show up to go on with the show if in any way possible.

18. T F   With a few exceptions, more than anything else, the amount of money spent on advertising will have a direct relationship to the number of spectators that show up.

19. T F   The intent of a rule, not the ability to enforce it, is most important!

20. T F   It's more beneficial to run a large variety of classes in an effort to get more cars into the pits than it is to worry about how long the show lasts.

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